Upcoming shoots!

I have a couple of new shoots lined up this weekend. THe first is for a project that I’ve been working on for a few years andbeen looking forward to doing more with it. It’s a project where I’m basically looking for anyone who wants to pose nude for a shoot. It is my belief […]

Upcoming shoot

This weekend I have a shoot scheduled with the lovely and awesome Natalie Minx.  We had a lot of fun together the last time she visited and I’m glad that she’s come back to Hawaii to shoot again.   This time I think I’ll shoot much more film with her than I did last time. […]

Shooting this weekend!!

I’m in the process of scheduling a shoot this weekend with a model I’ve worked with only once before but have been trying to put together another shoot with for a long time.  For one reason or another everytime weve tried to shoot together, it’s fallen apart.  so I’m hoping that this weekend will be […]

Good news on a rather dull morning

As I drove in to work this morning, I kept looking at the sky and seeing the clouds blocking out the sun.  One of the things I love about Hawaii is the sunrise.  It’s so dramatic and vibrant on most days.  Today… gray sky!  It bums me out because I have a shoot with Sylvia […]

Upcoming Shoot with Ella

I just got the word that Ella will be on Kauai and she wants to shoot with me again.  You’ll remember her from a shoot I did last December.  She was one of the first models I worked with and I credit her as indirectly  helping me to figure out the difference between glamour nudes […]