Shooting with Natalie

Over the weekend I had the privilege of shooting with Natalie Minx again.  Our first shoot was fantastic and we had such a fun time.   I’m glad that she came back to Hawaii. Rather than shooting in the woods like we did last time, this time I chose a secluded beach.  I always enjoy seeing how […]

Shooting with a goddess and other stuff

Obviously, shooting with a beautiful goddess would be first on my mind but there’s something in me that thinks I should tackle the lastest news first and then get to the pics.  So here goes. Last week I went into the E.R. suffering from what I thought was just bad indegestion.  It turned out to […]

How I spent my weekend!

So on Saturday I ended up just shooting the sunset with a friend! It was god fun and a chance to hang out with an old friend whom I don’t to spend enough time with. Photography is as good an excuse as I can think of! I knew because of the weather patterns that we […]

Shooting for fun!

Yesterday was a rather boring day for me.  So I decided that after I finished up at my day job, I would go across the street and take a few photos of the sunset.  As I pulled into the parking lot I saw that there were some sailing lessons going on in the water near […]

Sunday’s Shoot with Ashleigh

On Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting again with Ashleigh.  I met Ashleigh last summer and we had a great time working together then.  And of course we had a great time on Sunday as well.  Since I had already shot with her with lava rocks and in the woods, I decided that […]

Point & Shoot images

I know that these images aren’t my usual fare. But being a photographer who takes a camera with him everywhere, I find that at times that I see things that just need to be photographed. Sometimes it’s an interesting sign, or a neat tree, and sometimes I see something beautiful and just need to immortalize […]