First Artistic Shoot with my Nikon D80!

This morning I had a shoot with the extremely beautiful Kari.    It was our first shoot together and the first artistic shoot I’ve done with my new Nikon D80.  Both Kari and camera were wonderful to work with… although I thought that Kari was the more beautiful of the two! We started of the shoot […]

An interesting find

In between shoots, I usually look back through old shoots to see what I missed or looking for lessons to learn from my mistakes. Today I went looking through a shoot I did with the model who I now refer to as “Goddess”. She has asked that I keep her name anonymous. When I first […]

A cool shot

As I started to go through the shots form the other day, I came across the photo below. Sometimes the shoot goes by so fast that you just can’t remember every shot that you took. So the photo below was one of those shots that I had forgotten about taking and it made my heart […]

Today’s Shoot 6/14/08

This morning I woke up at somewhere around 4:30am to get ready for a sunrise shoot with an amazing model. The light was just gorgeous. The sun was just coming up and really added to the beauty of the shots. We started off by playing with some tide pools and moved on to the sand. […]