Color or black and whites…

I found a great quote the other day. “color photographs are about color, black and white is about everything else.” I’m not sure who it’s attributed to. I’ve been playing around with black and white and I’m just not sure which I like better. For example… In the case of the photos above I really […]

An interesting shot

As I was going through the photos from my last shoot, I came across this one. I had seen a whole series of photos in which there were three models. two were male and dressed in underwear and the third model was a nude woman. in every photo the woman was out of focus and […]

Today’s Last minute shoot

Well it all came out good in the end. I called Sara up and she was available so we scheduled for a sunset shoot which worked out so nicely. I really appreciate her being able to do such a great job on last minute notice. The shoot itself was great we had more fun this […]

Looking Back…

Looking back at a few images I saw this one. This was a shot that I thought was interesting when I took it. but when I looked at a day later I didn’t like it. Now I like it. I don’t know why I’m flip-flopping like this but I think my initial reaction had more […]