Newest Shoot – 11/17/08

On Monday, I had the privilege of shooting with a very talented and beautiful model named Jillian who was visiting Oahu.  When we initially talked about the shoot and locations she had mentioned shooting at a waterfall.  I was hesitant because I have spent a great deal of time hiking in the woods of Oahu […]

Kauai shoot with Ella

Today’s shoot with Ella was fantabulous!  It was so good that I had to make up a word just to describe it!  Ok really.  It went very well and we both had a great time working with each other again.  I just hope that she’ll be able to get back to Hawaii soon so we […]

2 shoots yesterday

It ended up that I had two shoots yesterday. The first shoot of the day was a sunrise shoot that turned out to be pretty awesome. We went to a location that I had shot at before. Although this time we hiked down around some tide pools that I had never seen before and got […]

An unexpected surprise

As I was finishing the editing on a shoot I did over a month ago, I found this shot and I was shocked that I hadn’t posted it sooner. I love what the ocean is doing in the background. It almost appears as though she is daring the ocean to unseat her from her perch.

Point and shoot…

While I was onthe plane flying to Maui to shoot with Sylvia a few weeks ago. I had this weird thought of getting a few shots that are framed badly… On purpose. I don’t know why but I thought it might be interesting. So while Sylvia was posing on some rocks I decided to hold […]