Jilli Artistry

Last month I worked with a wonderful and extremely beautiful model name Jilli who was visiting Hawaii and simply wanted to shoot some nudes.  The shoot overall was fantastic.  we started out the morning at sunrise shooting medium format film and digital on one of my favorite beaches to shoot on followed by a shoot […]

Pinhole nudes

On a recent shoot I brought the pinhole camera with me.  I wondered what i might get from the camera with a model as the subject.  Up until this day most of my exposures that I’ve made with the camera had been somewhere around 3-5 seconds. I figured that my model would be able to […]

More film goodness

I’ve been shooting film lately… a lot of film actually!  And if you’ve read previous posts you might know that I got into shooting film a few years ago on medium format.  Originally I was shooting with a Diana and I stopped for a while when I moved to a new place.  As I wrote in […]

Favorite photography apps

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking some photos on my iPhone.  The resolution isn’t that good… well not as good as my Nikon D80… but what the iPhone camera has that my Nikon doesn’t is a whole slew of apps that make taking pictures with it kinda fun! My favorite photo app is […]

viewing time

Over the past few days I’ve been mentally preparing myself to teach a friend of mine to take better photos.  As a result I’ve been thinking a lot about how I learned to shoot and some thoughts that go way beyond just the mechanical aspects of setting an exposure, framing a shot, and pushing the […]

Thoughts about film

A few days before my shoot with Natalie I picked up my Diana camera again.  I haven’t shot with it for a long time.  Mainly because of the chemicals but I do love the surprise of opening the developing tank and seeing what I got.  So I’m thinking about shooting more on film and maybe […]

An entire weekend of photography

Well, it looks like this weekend is going to be all about photography… for the most part. This week a new shipment of ISO 400 film came in so I need to do some test shooting with the 400 speed film in order to know how to expose it best with my Diana camera. From […]

A few movies for your consideration…

The other night I got a little red envelope in the mail.  The kind of “red” envelope that contains a “dvd”  I don’t wanna mention any names or anything(since they’re not paying me for the ad!)  but it starts with an “N” and ends in a “etflix”! Anyway I’ve been on a photography kick in […]

Last shoot with Ashleigh

In April I had the chance to shoot with Ashleigh one last time before she moved back to her home 5000 miles away from Hawaii. I would say that I am fortunate to have met her, to have known her, and to have captured in photographs. She has been a influence on my photography and […]

Coming changes

Over the past few months, I’ve started to notice a shift.  I don’t see it as a shift in how I make image or even I how I think about making images.  Its more of a shift in how I see myself as a photographer.  This shift came about because of several events that have […]