Shooting with Natalie

Over the weekend I had the privilege of shooting with Natalie Minx again.  Our first shoot was fantastic and we had such a fun time.   I’m glad that she came back to Hawaii. Rather than shooting in the woods like we did last time, this time I chose a secluded beach.  I always enjoy seeing how […]

Upcoming shoot

This weekend I have a shoot scheduled with the lovely and awesome Natalie Minx.  We had a lot of fun together the last time she visited and I’m glad that she’s come back to Hawaii to shoot again.   This time I think I’ll shoot much more film with her than I did last time. […]

New calendar available!

On my first shoot with a wonderful model named ashleigh, I noticed a tattoo on her arm that said, in Italian, “The Beautiful Life” I felt that it was kismet that we were to meet and create wonderful art together. It’s not just a saying to me now. To me it’s a statement that reflects […]

New Scans…

Tonight I got my new Epson 4490 Photo scanner!  What a huge difference!  The quality of the scans are fantastic!  I’m a very happy photographer having purchased it!  Here’s just a few scans from my last shoot with Sera.  Compare these to the earlier post…

Miniature or real? you decide!

I found of few images on flickr which had a look as though they were of models of a city or a place and yet I could tell that the image was of a real place.  The depth of field in the image played tricks on the mind and made you see it as though […]

playing with post processing

Earlier today I spent some time playing with post processing in Aperture and found a really interesting look! THe look reminds me of a faded photo printed on kodachrome.   I have a few prints at home in a shoebox that have this look. I’m not totally sold on the look of the image on […]

New Book Available!

I just finished editing and getting it all ready!  The book, titled “Depths”, features a series of images I shot with Ashleigh a few months ago.   The idea was to do something different.  A little dark, perhaps sadness, depression, drugs.  We had very loose ideas when we started sthooting but soon enough the ideas started […]

Photo Shoot – 7/12/09

After more than two months of not shooting nudes, I finally decided it was time for me to get back into the seeing of things and shoot nudes again.  I had to take the break for financial reasons and I certainly have missed the creation of the art. I find it interesting because over the […]

How I spent my weekend!

So on Saturday I ended up just shooting the sunset with a friend! It was god fun and a chance to hang out with an old friend whom I don’t to spend enough time with. Photography is as good an excuse as I can think of! I knew because of the weather patterns that we […]

Shoot Analysis – 2/14/09

The shoot with Jillian was awesome!   We had a great time shooting together… again.  I expected that we would.  We had a great time the last we time we worked together and she’s a fun model to work with.  I think we picked the perfect location for us this time.  The contrast between her skin […]