A great idea

Last week a woman sent me a message asking me I would take semi nude/sensual photos of her.  What she was looking for are images that are just for her.  Images that will help her better appreciate herself.  I’ve gotten several requests like this and usually, it’s a gift for a husband or a boyfriend.  […]

Sunday’s Shoot with Ashleigh

On Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting again with Ashleigh.  I met Ashleigh last summer and we had a great time working together then.  And of course we had a great time on Sunday as well.  Since I had already shot with her with lava rocks and in the woods, I decided that […]

A cool shot

As I started to go through the shots form the other day, I came across the photo below. Sometimes the shoot goes by so fast that you just can’t remember every shot that you took. So the photo below was one of those shots that I had forgotten about taking and it made my heart […]

Yesterday’s Shoot

I had anoter amazing shoot with the beautiful model Sylvia. We had been trying to figure out how she could shoot with me since she was going to be on Oahu. However the day she was going to be on Oahu was going to be tricky for me to get a shoot together since I’m […]

Shoot Later Today

The shoot today is one I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I can’t wait.  You guys know, I live for this.  During a shoot is when all the ideas are put to the test.  The anxiety of whether things will work or not is fresh in your mind.  Everything hinges on this one […]

Today’s Last minute shoot

Well it all came out good in the end. I called Sara up and she was available so we scheduled for a sunset shoot which worked out so nicely. I really appreciate her being able to do such a great job on last minute notice. The shoot itself was great we had more fun this […]