ruh roh!

I was just about to write a post about the new camera I got yesterday when I realized that I hadn’t posted any pics from the latest shoot!  sorry about that….  I’ll post about the new camera tomorrow… These were from a shoot I did with a wonderful model whom I’m going to have to […]

Upcoming shoots!

I have a couple of new shoots lined up this weekend. THe first is for a project that I’ve been working on for a few years andbeen looking forward to doing more with it. It’s a project where I’m basically looking for anyone who wants to pose nude for a shoot. It is my belief […]

Calendars now available!

During the shoot with Ashleigh this month, she suggested that I should put together a calendar featuring my images.  I told her about my book(which is available on!) and how I’m working on a second book focused on outdoor nudes and already thinking about my third book which will be featuring images of nudes […]

Shooting Outdoors

Up to this point in the adventure, I’ve been shooting outdoors in natural light.  I have used reflectors for some shots but I don’t feel comfortable using them unless I have an assistant.  It’s tricky to hold the reflector and the camera at the same time.  Or worse, having your reflector flying away in the […]