Upcoming shoots!

I have a couple of new shoots lined up this weekend. THe first is for a project that I’ve been working on for a few years andbeen looking forward to doing more with it. It’s a project where I’m basically looking for anyone who wants to pose nude for a shoot. It is my belief […]

New calendar available!

On my first shoot with a wonderful model named ashleigh, I noticed a tattoo on her arm that said, in Italian, “The Beautiful Life” I felt that it was kismet that we were to meet and create wonderful art together. It’s not just a saying to me now. To me it’s a statement that reflects […]

Art book reccomendations…

Yesterday I recieved an email from the very talented photographer, David Winge.  He wrote to ask about Blurb.com.  The company that is printing my latest books.  He was writing to ask about how the prints look.  and what my experience with the company was like.  I really like Blurb.com.  they seem to be a great […]

First Artistic Shoot with my Nikon D80!

This morning I had a shoot with the extremely beautiful Kari.    It was our first shoot together and the first artistic shoot I’ve done with my new Nikon D80.  Both Kari and camera were wonderful to work with… although I thought that Kari was the more beautiful of the two! We started of the shoot […]

Calendars now available!

During the shoot with Ashleigh this month, she suggested that I should put together a calendar featuring my images.  I told her about my book(which is available on lulu.com!) and how I’m working on a second book focused on outdoor nudes and already thinking about my third book which will be featuring images of nudes […]

Artistic Nude Vs. Glamour Nude

I’ve been looking back at my images and wondering if I’ve somehow strayed into the genre of glamour nudes. Not that it really matters but I know that the images I wish to capture are more along the lines of artistic nudes. I just find the artistic images more interesting but I enjoy shooting both […]