Member Gallery updated!

I Finally got around to updating the members gallery with a shoot I did with Natalie Minx a few months ago.  It was such a fun shoot and working with her was a real treat.  Click the link below to view the gallery. Natalie on the Beach Part 1 – Members only gallery

looking for a new muse

I found out this week that one of my favorite collaborators and muse Sera will be moving back to the contiguous 48 states!  We had lots of fun together and she helped me learn some pretty cool things during the two years her and I have been working together.  I will certainly miss her talent […]

Updated members area!

I finally got around to updating the members area.  It’s been a while and I realized there were two shoots I did that never got posted! yikes!  I guess when you shoot two thousand images every weekend some can get lost in the shuffle!   I’ll be adding more galleries in the next week or […]

New calendar available!

On my first shoot with a wonderful model named ashleigh, I noticed a tattoo on her arm that said, in Italian, “The Beautiful Life” I felt that it was kismet that we were to meet and create wonderful art together. It’s not just a saying to me now. To me it’s a statement that reflects […]

A new adventure

Last week I stumbled upon a site for a group known as The 120 Group. It’s essentially a group of 12 photographers who are working with film. Specifically 120 or medium format film. I am completely intrigued by the idea that in this day and age film is still used. In my professional career as […]

The new year

Well, it’s 2010! And I am very grateful for the last two years of my life.  Can you believe it’s only been two years since I started shooting nudes!  Well… I feel honored to be able to do the things I’ve done, see what I’ve seen, and been able to capture the images I captured.  […]

More new gear!

Last night I went to my local photography store.. where apparently I was so excited I left my keys in my car!  I called roadside assistance that I get with my mobile phone, and then headed off to the store to look at flash units for my Nikon D80. Up till now I’ve been using […]

New gear + New shoot!

Tonight when I got home, I found a box from B&! In it I found a brand spanking new vertical grip for my Nikon D80! The MB-D80… Yay! after I slapped it on the camera and played with it for a bit, I realized that my camera is now too big for my camera bag! […]

New Book Available!

I just finished editing and getting it all ready!  The book, titled “Depths”, features a series of images I shot with Ashleigh a few months ago.   The idea was to do something different.  A little dark, perhaps sadness, depression, drugs.  We had very loose ideas when we started sthooting but soon enough the ideas started […]

Shooting this weekend!!

I’m in the process of scheduling a shoot this weekend with a model I’ve worked with only once before but have been trying to put together another shoot with for a long time.  For one reason or another everytime weve tried to shoot together, it’s fallen apart.  so I’m hoping that this weekend will be […]