Shooting this weekend!!

I’m in the process of scheduling a shoot this weekend with a model I’ve worked with only once before but have been trying to put together another shoot with for a long time.  For one reason or another everytime weve tried to shoot together, it’s fallen apart.  so I’m hoping that this weekend will be […]

Last shoot with Ashleigh

In April I had the chance to shoot with Ashleigh one last time before she moved back to her home 5000 miles away from Hawaii. I would say that I am fortunate to have met her, to have known her, and to have captured in photographs. She has been a influence on my photography and […]

50mm’s of fun!

During my last shoot, I took a few shots at the beginning of the shoot with my new 50mm lens but then switched back to my standard 18mm-135mm lens for the rest of it.  I wanted to test out the lens and see how it captured nudes.  What I didn’t want was to spend an […]

Plans for the weekend

Well, Tonight I’m delivering cd’s of the beautiful shoot I did on Monday night.  I can’t wait for her to see how beautiful she is in these images.  I’m proud of her for having the courage to shoot with me and for being the beautiful person that she is. Of course, I have many plans […]

Behind the scenes…

Ever since I started shooting nudes and writing about it, I’ve wanted to get a shot of me working with a model. One of those behind the scenes shots where you can a glimpse of what a nude shoot really looks like. Instead of just getting my perspective of the shoot. I’ve though about bringing […]

New Shoot – 8/30/08

Today’s shoot went very well. Elizabeth, who was visiting from Virginia, was wonderful and It was a real treat to work with her. We went to a beach that I had scouted a few weeks ago. It’s one of those beaches where there isn’t another soul around. So we had the whole beach all to […]

Photo Shoot Tomorrow!

I was getting worried because I wasn’t sure If I was going to be able to afford a shoot this time around.  I usually shoot about every two weeks because thats what my budget can afford at the moment.  The price of gas and all that plus bills, had me pretty worried.  But I picked […]

Upcoming shoot

Yesterday I wrote that I was working on a shoot for the weekend. Lat night I received an email from a model who was interested in working with me. We talked on the phone about the shoot and it seems like she’s going to be a lot of fun to work with. I’m always a […]