Well it’s official! I’m heading to Maui for a few days next week and will be able to get a shoot in while I’m there! I’m quite stoked because Maui is my favorite island here in Hawaii. It’s a place of such wonderful beauty. And the diversity of lanscapes are just simply amazing. From beach […]

Another shot of Sylvia

As I mentioned earlier… I never got around to editing the shoot I did with Sylvia back in February so I decided to start going through it. I absolutely love working with her because of her eyes. From the first shoot I did with her I couldn’t get over how beautiful her eyes are. So […]

A sense of peace

As I was going through some of my past shoots I realized that I never fully edited a shoot that I had done with Sylvia back in February. I remember making her a cd of the shots…unedited, but I never did edit them myself. So I started going through that shoot and thought I ‘d […]

Point and shoot…

While I was onthe plane flying to Maui to shoot with Sylvia a few weeks ago. I had this weird thought of getting a few shots that are framed badly… On purpose. I don’t know why but I thought it might be interesting. So while Sylvia was posing on some rocks I decided to hold […]

Yesterday’s Shoot

I had anoter amazing shoot with the beautiful model Sylvia. We had been trying to figure out how she could shoot with me since she was going to be on Oahu. However the day she was going to be on Oahu was going to be tricky for me to get a shoot together since I’m […]

Maui shoot

I should start off this post by saying that I live on the island of Oahu and don’t get to Maui as much as I should. With that said… Today I met a beautiful model on the Island of Maui for a shoot. For me, Maui is one of those magical and enchanted places. A […]