Official Report on Aperture 2.0 for Mac

So after a week of working with the New version of Aperture, here’s my official report on it. Forgive for geeking out. There will be example photos that hopefuly, will make it worthwhile reading. I had been hearing good, good things about Aperture from the beginning. Other photographers I know had talked to me about […]

Playing around again with Aperture 2.0

I had some more time today so I got to play with Aperture. Here’s another image I worked on. Enjoy!

A busy weekend

During this extremely busy weekend I was able to squeeze a few minutes of playing around in Aperture 2.0. I’m finding it to be great for what I’m doing and the work flow seems to fit well with how photographers think. Or at least how I think. Right now I feel like I’m only using […]

The Mac is back!

So I finally got my Macbook back from the apple store. Yay! I’m so happy. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy this is really the first chance I’ve had in the past few days to sit down and write. So at the moment I’m just getting up to speed on Aperture and I’m hoping to incorporate […]

Mac Withdrawls

On Sunday my Macbook froze and when I tried to boot power down and boot back up it gave me a screen with a folder icon with a question mark on it. Yikes! I freaked out! Tried to to boot it up but it just wouldn’t boot. I called a friend of mine who is […]

Crashed my mac!

I’m frustrated at the moment because the hard drive in my Macbook stop working. I took it in to the apple store so right now it’s just waiting for a hard drive. It’s been ordered but it could be a few days before I get my computer back. I’m writing this from my work computer. […]