Lights… Camera… Shipping!

As many of you may have been reading lately, I have beein thinking about buying lights for a while.  So today I placed my order with Alien Bees.  I picked up their B800 light along with their wireless trigger system and various umbrellas and softboxes.  They probably wont process the order until Monday so I […]

Photo shoot with Katlyn

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of shooting with the lovely and talented Katlyn.  I’ve shot with her before and it was such a joy that we wanted to do it again.  This I picked a wooded location that I haven’t shot at in a very long time.  In many ways it was like seeing […]

Shared shoot

Yesterday I had the priveledge to share a shoot with my friend Eve of Eve Hannah Photography.  We were to shot with Serafina.  A model I have shot with several times and with whom I have enjoyed creating so many images with.  Mainly we just played around and tried a lot of different ideas as […]

Fun With Photography!

A friend of mine called and needs some shots.  It’ll mostly be headshots and some basic modeling shots so she can show off some new stuff and update her portfolio.  Because of my crazy schedule we’ll be shooting indoors at another friends house in the evening.  She also talked finding some fun costumes and just […]