Tomorrow’s Shoot

I’ll be shooting tomorrow with the lovely and extremely beautiful Katlyn!  I can’t wait!  She was fantastic to work with the last time and we got some really great shots.  This time I’ll be putting her in the woods and I’m sure she’ll have a lot of fun as well as giving me absolutely beautiful […]

I’ve been thinking…

I know what you’re going to say… and yes I have a fire extingusher just in case my head explodes…. Ok seriously.  When I started photographing nudes I thought that I would try something that I’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid to do.  Ever since that time, I’ve been writing about the […]

Lessons Learned from 8/30/08

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on what I’ve been learning. Not because I haven’t been learning anything, on the contrary. In fact I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to really sit down and write much. So here it goes… What I learned from the last shoot. One […]

Tattoo Idea…

Before I did the shoot with Ashleigh, I knew that she had tattoos. I had only done one shoot with a model who had a tattoo before and we tried very hard to work around it. Trying not to photograph it. It ended up being an interesting challenge. What ended up happening was that I […]

A few words on serendipity

Serendipity is by far one of my favorite concepts. The reason is that it just happens. You can’t plan for it, and if you fight it things tend to spiral out of control and then it’s just a mess. I prefer to embrace serendipity and allow it to really shape how I work. I have […]


Since my last shoot I’ve been thinking about ideas. Specifically coming up with a few new ones. Normally my ideas are inspired by the model or the location in the moment. Something magical happens. The model does something or looks at me a certain way and I see the spark. Or the location has something […]

Defining the work

The whole point of this site is to show what goes on behind the scenes.  How does someone get into doing nude photography.  How do you find models?  how does it all come together?  All the thoughts, ideas, and the machinations that go on in ones brain.  That’s why I started this site. Of course […]

Shoot Later Today

The shoot today is one I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I can’t wait.  You guys know, I live for this.  During a shoot is when all the ideas are put to the test.  The anxiety of whether things will work or not is fresh in your mind.  Everything hinges on this one […]

An interesting shot

As I was going through the photos from my last shoot, I came across this one. I had seen a whole series of photos in which there were three models. two were male and dressed in underwear and the third model was a nude woman. in every photo the woman was out of focus and […]