Shooting for fun!

Yesterday was a rather boring day for me.  So I decided that after I finished up at my day job, I would go across the street and take a few photos of the sunset.  As I pulled into the parking lot I saw that there were some sailing lessons going on in the water near […]

Point & Shoot images

I know that these images aren’t my usual fare. But being a photographer who takes a camera with him everywhere, I find that at times that I see things that just need to be photographed. Sometimes it’s an interesting sign, or a neat tree, and sometimes I see something beautiful and just need to immortalize […]

Ella in Black & White

Well most of you know that I’ve switched from editing photos in Photoshop to editing in Aperture 2.0. And I’m very happy with the results that I get from Aperture. In this process I’ve become quite enthralled with black and white photos. While I love the colors that I’m getting there’s something to be said […]

Updates and a cool photo!

So if your wondering, Yes I did change the theme on the site. It was really starting to annoy me that when I create a post, it never looks the way it did on the site as when I was creating it. I would spend an hour creating a beautifully laid out post with images […]

Yesterday’s shoot

Yesterday’s shoot with Julia was a lot of fun. We had great conversations and came up with some beautiful images as well. The shoot began at the summit of a mountain near Honolulu. The weather was overcast and it did rain a few times during the shoot. Julia was quite adventurous and was willing to […]

An unexpected surprise

As I was finishing the editing on a shoot I did over a month ago, I found this shot and I was shocked that I hadn’t posted it sooner. I love what the ocean is doing in the background. It almost appears as though she is daring the ocean to unseat her from her perch.

Upcoming shoot

Yesterday I wrote that I was working on a shoot for the weekend. Lat night I received an email from a model who was interested in working with me. We talked on the phone about the shoot and it seems like she’s going to be a lot of fun to work with. I’m always a […]

Nude in Trees

On my last two shoots, something that come up was the idea of climbing trees nude. The shots I got are quite interesting and beautiful. As I’ve been editing two shoots simultaneously I found both of these images and felt the need to share this interesting Phenomenon. Maybe one day I’ll do a whole shoot […]

Today’s Shoot 6/14/08

This morning I woke up at somewhere around 4:30am to get ready for a sunrise shoot with an amazing model. The light was just gorgeous. The sun was just coming up and really added to the beauty of the shots. We started off by playing with some tide pools and moved on to the sand. […]

Yesterday’s Shoot

I had anoter amazing shoot with the beautiful model Sylvia. We had been trying to figure out how she could shoot with me since she was going to be on Oahu. However the day she was going to be on Oahu was going to be tricky for me to get a shoot together since I’m […]