Shooting with a goddess and other stuff

Obviously, shooting with a beautiful goddess would be first on my mind but there’s something in me that thinks I should tackle the lastest news first and then get to the pics.  So here goes. Last week I went into the E.R. suffering from what I thought was just bad indegestion.  It turned out to […]

Photo Shoot – 7/12/09

After more than two months of not shooting nudes, I finally decided it was time for me to get back into the seeing of things and shoot nudes again.  I had to take the break for financial reasons and I certainly have missed the creation of the art. I find it interesting because over the […]

Shoot Analysis – 2/14/09

The shoot with Jillian was awesome!   We had a great time shooting together… again.  I expected that we would.  We had a great time the last we time we worked together and she’s a fun model to work with.  I think we picked the perfect location for us this time.  The contrast between her skin […]

Shooting with a Goddess

So much has been going on this week that it’s taken me till now to write about the shoot I did last Sunday with Ashleigh.  It was a fantastic shoot… and we had a great time playing with the location I selected.  The location was a hiking trail that I had never shot with before, […]

Sunrise shoot – Jan. 25th 2009

Yesterday I had the fortune of shooting nudes at sunrise with a beautiful model and woman, Breezy.  This was the first time we had worked together and we immediately hit it off.  I took her to one of my favorite places to shoot nudes.  A place that, if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll […]

A truly beautiful photo shoot

You might remember that a woman contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if she could hire me to do a series of private nudes for her.  Well, we did that shoot last night and it was truly a beautiful shoot.  And one that I feel very good about doing.   I can’t publish any […]


Well I’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks so I haven’t done any shoots this month.  But I decided to go back and revisit a past shoot I did in May.  I never edited it using Aperture So I decided I’d go through it and see what I get.  I ended finding a few […]

An interesting find

In between shoots, I usually look back through old shoots to see what I missed or looking for lessons to learn from my mistakes. Today I went looking through a shoot I did with the model who I now refer to as “Goddess”. She has asked that I keep her name anonymous. When I first […]

An unexpected surprise

As I was finishing the editing on a shoot I did over a month ago, I found this shot and I was shocked that I hadn’t posted it sooner. I love what the ocean is doing in the background. It almost appears as though she is daring the ocean to unseat her from her perch.

Nude in Trees

On my last two shoots, something that come up was the idea of climbing trees nude. The shots I got are quite interesting and beautiful. As I’ve been editing two shoots simultaneously I found both of these images and felt the need to share this interesting Phenomenon. Maybe one day I’ll do a whole shoot […]