Shooting for fun!

Yesterday was a rather boring day for me.  So I decided that after I finished up at my day job, I would go across the street and take a few photos of the sunset.  As I pulled into the parking lot I saw that there were some sailing lessons going on in the water near […]

50mm’s of fun!

During my last shoot, I took a few shots at the beginning of the shoot with my new 50mm lens but then switched back to my standard 18mm-135mm lens for the rest of it.  I wanted to test out the lens and see how it captured nudes.  What I didn’t want was to spend an […]

Photo Hunts

I’m thinking about putting together a group of people to go out on photo hunts.  The idea is that we would pick a cool place where we would all meet.  And then we’d walk around together taking pictures, talking pictures, and comparing what we’re seeing.  It could be a hike in the woods or maybe […]

What I did this weekend…

This weekend I was invited to shoot with a friend of mine as a second shooter.  This gave me the opportunity to play with some new ideas without the pressure of really nailing my shots.  Of course you always want to strive to get the best shots you can but at the same time, it’s […]

New Shoot – 8/30/08

Today’s shoot went very well. Elizabeth, who was visiting from Virginia, was wonderful and It was a real treat to work with her. We went to a beach that I had scouted a few weeks ago. It’s one of those beaches where there isn’t another soul around. So we had the whole beach all to […]

Something fun and interesting

As I was looking around the net for something interesting to write about I came across this story about a large table in England. It’s a few years old but it’s still an interesting story. Read the story on BBC’s website Pictures of the giant table: on Flikr

The end of Polaroid as we know it…

Its true!  Polaroid will no longer be manufacturing the classic instant film that we all have come to know and love.  Well some of us still love polaroid.  I remeber the first time I saw a polaroid camera and watched as the picture appeared before your eyes. It was fun to watch it.  Now that […]

Fun With Photography!

A friend of mine called and needs some shots.  It’ll mostly be headshots and some basic modeling shots so she can show off some new stuff and update her portfolio.  Because of my crazy schedule we’ll be shooting indoors at another friends house in the evening.  She also talked finding some fun costumes and just […]