Jilli Artistry

Last month I worked with a wonderful and extremely beautiful model name Jilli who was visiting Hawaii and simply wanted to shoot some nudes.  The shoot overall was fantastic.  we started out the morning at sunrise shooting medium format film and digital on one of my favorite beaches to shoot on followed by a shoot […]

Shooting with a goddess and other stuff

Obviously, shooting with a beautiful goddess would be first on my mind but there’s something in me that thinks I should tackle the lastest news first and then get to the pics.  So here goes. Last week I went into the E.R. suffering from what I thought was just bad indegestion.  It turned out to […]

A truly beautiful photo shoot

You might remember that a woman contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if she could hire me to do a series of private nudes for her.  Well, we did that shoot last night and it was truly a beautiful shoot.  And one that I feel very good about doing.   I can’t publish any […]

What I did this weekend…

This weekend I was invited to shoot with a friend of mine as a second shooter.  This gave me the opportunity to play with some new ideas without the pressure of really nailing my shots.  Of course you always want to strive to get the best shots you can but at the same time, it’s […]

I’ve been thinking…

I know what you’re going to say… and yes I have a fire extingusher just in case my head explodes…. Ok seriously.  When I started photographing nudes I thought that I would try something that I’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid to do.  Ever since that time, I’ve been writing about the […]

A busy weekend

During this extremely busy weekend I was able to squeeze a few minutes of playing around in Aperture 2.0. I’m finding it to be great for what I’m doing and the work flow seems to fit well with how photographers think. Or at least how I think. Right now I feel like I’m only using […]

A cool shot

As I started to go through the shots form the other day, I came across the photo below. Sometimes the shoot goes by so fast that you just can’t remember every shot that you took. So the photo below was one of those shots that I had forgotten about taking and it made my heart […]