Jilli Artistry

Last month I worked with a wonderful and extremely beautiful model name Jilli who was visiting Hawaii and simply wanted to shoot some nudes.  The shoot overall was fantastic.  we started out the morning at sunrise shooting medium format film and digital on one of my favorite beaches to shoot on followed by a shoot […]

First shoot of the new year!

My new year got off to a great start yesterday!  I shot with a good friend, the ever gorgeous, Serafina.  We had planned on shooting poses that would reflect the strength and power of the body.  I feel that I ended up missing the mark on the idea.  Mainly because the inspiration just wasn’t there […]

Tattoo Idea…

Before I did the shoot with Ashleigh, I knew that she had tattoos. I had only done one shoot with a model who had a tattoo before and we tried very hard to work around it. Trying not to photograph it. It ended up being an interesting challenge. What ended up happening was that I […]