Updated members area!

I finally got around to updating the members area.  It’s been a while and I realized there were two shoots I did that never got posted! yikes!  I guess when you shoot two thousand images every weekend some can get lost in the shuffle!   I’ll be adding more galleries in the next week or […]

Last shoot with Ashleigh

In April I had the chance to shoot with Ashleigh one last time before she moved back to her home 5000 miles away from Hawaii. I would say that I am fortunate to have met her, to have known her, and to have captured in photographs. She has been a influence on my photography and […]

Shooting with a Goddess

So much has been going on this week that it’s taken me till now to write about the shoot I did last Sunday with Ashleigh.  It was a fantastic shoot… and we had a great time playing with the location I selected.  The location was a hiking trail that I had never shot with before, […]

Taking Stock

Now that the month of September is winding down, I figure it’s a good time to look back at all the thing that happened this month. This month I got to work with four models I had worked with previously.  The first shoot this month was with Julia.  A very beautiful and energetic woman.  I […]


The only drawback to having done 4 shoots in the past 2 weeks, is the amount of editing work that needs to be done. I’ve finished editing the shoot with Elizabeth and Julia. At the moment I’m putting together a gallery of the shots with Elizabeth and will be updating the members area later today. […]

2 shoots yesterday

It ended up that I had two shoots yesterday. The first shoot of the day was a sunrise shoot that turned out to be pretty awesome. We went to a location that I had shot at before. Although this time we hiked down around some tide pools that I had never seen before and got […]

Tattoo Idea…

Before I did the shoot with Ashleigh, I knew that she had tattoos. I had only done one shoot with a model who had a tattoo before and we tried very hard to work around it. Trying not to photograph it. It ended up being an interesting challenge. What ended up happening was that I […]

Today’s Shoot – 8/6/08

Today’s shoot was with a new model. Ashleigh had never posed nude before but had always wanted to. The moment she told me this it sounded familiar. It made me realize how I started shooting nudes is pretty much the same as how she started posing for nudes. Having a desire to do it, but […]