New camera…

I’ve become a film junkie… what can I say!  At the beginning of this month I ordered the Konstrukctor from Lomography. The idea of a DIY camera was kinda interesting.  It was only after I realized that the camera was going to be late that I ordered the TLR from Amazon.  So in all fairness […]

ruh roh!

I was just about to write a post about the new camera I got yesterday when I realized that I hadn’t posted any pics from the latest shoot!  sorry about that….  I’ll post about the new camera tomorrow… These were from a shoot I did with a wonderful model whom I’m going to have to […]

Recesky DIY TLR…

Last night I got home kinda late after shopping for a new printer.  I killed mine the other day when in the middle of a print job it started printing photos with a red cast.  and that was with new ink!  Anyways… I got a new printer and began setting it up when my housemate […]

Diana Mini – First roll of film

The other day I got a chance to finish shooting the first roll of film in my new Diana Mini.  Since I had the afternoon free, I went to a mountain top park near where I work and finished off the last 12 shots on a 36 exposure roll of Kodak Tri-x I had put […]

More film goodness

I’ve been shooting film lately… a lot of film actually!  And if you’ve read previous posts you might know that I got into shooting film a few years ago on medium format.  Originally I was shooting with a Diana and I stopped for a while when I moved to a new place.  As I wrote in […]

Thoughts about film

A few days before my shoot with Natalie I picked up my Diana camera again.  I haven’t shot with it for a long time.  Mainly because of the chemicals but I do love the surprise of opening the developing tank and seeing what I got.  So I’m thinking about shooting more on film and maybe […]