Contact Prints

This weekend I finally got all the things I needed together to make my first contact prints.  I’ve been thinking about this idea for several years now, quietly.  Ever since I first thought of getting a pinhole camera in 2011 I’ve thought about making contact prints.  an image featuring the first 4 prints are attached […]

Photo shoot write-up: Lily

If the name lily sounds familiar to readers it’s because I first worked with Lily in September of 2012.  On that last shoot we did a wooded area that I just fell in love with the moment I saw it.  And knew I had to shoot it with someone as good as lily.  So when she came […]

More Pinholes

Shortly before christmas I bought a dreamy new camera… the Ilford Harman Titan 4×5 pinhole camera.  I wrote about it a few years ago and have been dreaming about owning ever since I first saw it.  The day after christmas I took it out for a drive to Waianae, a part of Oahu I don’t […]

Pinhole nudes

On a recent shoot I brought the pinhole camera with me.  I wondered what i might get from the camera with a model as the subject.  Up until this day most of my exposures that I’ve made with the camera had been somewhere around 3-5 seconds. I figured that my model would be able to […]

Testing an Olympus OM1

I might have written previously that a good friend had moved and left me a box of cameras.  In the box were two Olympus OM 1’s and an Olympus OM2s.   And so I tested both OM1’s and one of them had a problem right away when you advance the film for the next shot, […]

Lubitel 166+

Over the weekend I went to my local film photography store… It’s nice to have one!  They also sell a lot of stuff from Lomography which I’m a big fan of.  Anyway, one of the cameras I’d had my eye on for a quite a while now is the Lubitel 166+ from Lomography.  Ever since […]

Konstrucktor pics

I got the chance this weekend to spend some time shooting with my new camera… and the chance to get the film developed as well.  I’m sorry to say it wasn’t a nude shoot but it was still pretty fun.  I took the Konstrucktor camera over to the Ulupo Heiau in Kailua.  It’s very close […]

New camera…

I’ve become a film junkie… what can I say!  At the beginning of this month I ordered the Konstrukctor from Lomography. The idea of a DIY camera was kinda interesting.  It was only after I realized that the camera was going to be late that I ordered the TLR from Amazon.  So in all fairness […]

ruh roh!

I was just about to write a post about the new camera I got yesterday when I realized that I hadn’t posted any pics from the latest shoot!  sorry about that….  I’ll post about the new camera tomorrow… These were from a shoot I did with a wonderful model whom I’m going to have to […]

DIY TLR Developed!

Here is the first roll of film shot with the Recesky DIY TLR.  I had a few rolls of Fuji Superia 400 color film laying around so I figured I’d use it as the first roll.  I like the results I got with this camera, but it has some problems that I’m hoping to fix. […]