Jilli Artistry

Last month I worked with a wonderful and extremely beautiful model name Jilli who was visiting Hawaii and simply wanted to shoot some nudes.  The shoot overall was fantastic.  we started out the morning at sunrise shooting medium format film and digital on one of my favorite beaches to shoot on followed by a shoot […]


As I was taking a look at the site and looking at what the next incarnation of this site will be, I realized that there’s a shoot I did back in February that I never posted here.  And while I haven’t been the best at updating this site lately, I feel I should share it. […]

ruh roh!

I was just about to write a post about the new camera I got yesterday when I realized that I hadn’t posted any pics from the latest shoot!  sorry about that….  I’ll post about the new camera tomorrow… These were from a shoot I did with a wonderful model whom I’m going to have to […]

Toy camera shots..

These are a few shots from a few years ago when I took my Diana F+ with me on a nude shoot.  I have to admit that I didn’t really like them all that much when I shot them but I look at them now and I wonder now why I didn’t bring that camera […]

Latest shoot…

Well I just got back from a trip to Arizona where I spent some time with family but I did get a chance to spend time with a photographer friend of mine and we worked on a shoot together in the desert that was a lot of fun. Sure it was a little hot but […]

Maui Shoot…

While I was on Maui at the beginning of the May I got the chance to meet and shoot with an amazing model named Alyssa. It was a ast minute shoot. We were literally finalizing details while I was getting on the plan to fly over there. The shoot was being scheduled for less than […]


Tonight I was thinking about the journey of the last 4 years and the time and energy I’ve devoted to shooting nudes.   It has been a remarkable journey and one that continues.  But I was thinking that I would like to put together a book that reflects my work over the last four years.  Detailing […]

a new idea

During my last shoot with Natalie, I shot almost entirely with a very wide open aperture setting.  This made for shots that have a very narrow depth of field.  I really like how the in-focus area of the image draws your eye.  I also just really like the look of a totally blurred background.  I […]

Shooting with Natalie

Over the weekend I had the privilege of shooting with Natalie Minx again.  Our first shoot was fantastic and we had such a fun time.   I’m glad that she came back to Hawaii. Rather than shooting in the woods like we did last time, this time I chose a secluded beach.  I always enjoy seeing how […]

New Scans…

Tonight I got my new Epson 4490 Photo scanner!  What a huge difference!  The quality of the scans are fantastic!  I’m a very happy photographer having purchased it!  Here’s just a few scans from my last shoot with Sera.  Compare these to the earlier post…