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Last month I worked with a wonderful and extremely beautiful model name Jilli who was visiting Hawaii and simply wanted to shoot some nudes.  The shoot overall was fantastic.  we started out the morning at sunrise shooting medium format film and digital on one of my favorite beaches to shoot on followed by a shoot on a motorcycle.  The motorcycle shoot was mostly digital but I managed to take a few shots on film.  Then we moved to an abandoned building that was great fun to shoot in.  Not my usual style but fun due to al the lines and detritus around the place.

Pinhole Nude – Click for larger picture

In the last location we shot at, I decided to pull out the pinhole camera and try to get some shots of nudes with it.  I ended up using Ilford HP5 which is an iso 400 film and knowing that I could up-rate it to 1600 easily I planned on that iso setting for my meter.  When metering the scenes we were looking at exposure times of 14-17 seconds.   And sure enough, in developing the negatives at 1600, it totally worked!  I’ve never tried to push film like that before and I’m stoked that it worked and it wasn’t too terribly difficult either.  I’ll look at writing a post in the future that details how to push film beyond it’s rated iso is anyone is interested.  there’s lots of resources on the internet as well.

In the end we ended up with a totally fun shoot, we got beautiful images, and I’m stoked to begin the adventure of capturing nudes with pinhole cameras.   I;m thinking about making a book featuring just nudes shot by pinhole.

p.s. if you’d like to help suppor more art like this…. consider becoming a patron of mine at patreon.com/jasontag.   You’re support will help to make more and more art.  thanks

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