More Pinholes

Shortly before christmas I bought a dreamy new camera… the Ilford Harman Titan 4×5 pinhole camera.  I wrote about it a few years ago and have been dreaming about owning ever since I first saw it.  The day after christmas I took it out for a drive to Waianae, a part of Oahu I don’t go to enough.  I drove out to the end of the road at Kaena Point (Makua Section).  I ended up taking a few shots that day, two of which really came out well.  I’m happy with the camera and can’t wait till the next time I can get out there and make more exposures with this great camera.

4x5 Pinhole - Kaena to Waianae

4×5 Pinhole – Kaena to Waianae


4x5 Pinhole - Waianae to Kaena

4×5 Pinhole – Waianae to Kaena

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