For the past few months I’ve been acquiring cameras and playing a lot with film.  I’m rediscovering something that I’ve always loved which is simply taking pictures.  Nude or not, I just love being behind a camera and making images.  What I’ve learned in the last few years is that I’m in love with photography in general.  I do love shooting nudes and making nude art, but… I also just love taking pictures.

Some may know about this, and I may have written about this before but, the past few years have been a little rough.  Life changes, death of a close family member, more changes, depression, anxiety, a lot has been going on.  And one of the things that I’ve started thinking about recently was to get back on the horse and just play with cameras again.  It’s something I loved doing so why not.  Even if I can’t exactly afford to hire as many models as I used to.  I felt that being without an artistic outlet would not be a god thing for me.

So as you may have seen, there’s been a lot more happening here regarding photography.  What I’ve decided to start doing is simply shoot more.  But I’m a little tired of digital cameras.  Tired of the perfection of the binary, data based imaging systems.  Instead I want to make images that are different.  I’m not saying that digital is bad.  In fact I will still shoot using digital cameras.  However, I’d like to be making art, using film instead.  That’s basically what I’m saying.  I want to make art that it different than what everyone else is making.  I want something magical.  To experience magic again.  I want to be surprised when I pull a roll out of a tank and start seeing that the chemistry worked.  It’s that part of the process that has made me fall in love with photography all over again.

So here we go again.  More adventures in photography await!


p.s. And if you like the work you see, nude or not, consider supporting my work.  Go to http://www.patreon.com/jasontag


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