Pinhole nudes

On a recent shoot I brought the pinhole camera with me.  I wondered what i might get from the camera with a model as the subject.  Up until this day most of my exposures that I’ve made with the camera had been somewhere around 3-5 seconds. I figured that my model would be able to hold a pose for at least that long.   But even if she moved a little it might create an interesting effect.  Maybe even a little ghostly?  I was interested in seeing what I might get so  I loaded the two film holders I have and brought it along for the day.

I shot most of the shoot going back and forth between my Canon DSLR and the Canon 35mm.  we got to a point in the shoot where I thought it might be an interesting shot with the Pinhole and I took two shots.  The light meter gave me an exposure time of about 3 minutes which I was afraid of actually doing so I metered at 400 ISO knowing that I can push the film to 400 in developing.  Exposure time ended up being about 25 seconds for both shots.  Not too bad for my model, who pulled off holding still for that long quite nicely.  It’s odd that 25 seconds doesn’t really sound like a long time until you’re there counting it.  But she held it and did it well.

The first of the two is tough to see but she’s there sitting on the wall.  In the second, which is much clearer, she is holding a fabric against her body.   I keep forgetting just how wide the angle of view is on this camera. I like the wide angle nature of the shots but perhaps in the future I’ll try for more closer shots.

The results of the two shots are below.


Kit Pinhole 001

Nude pinhole image of a woman sitting

Kit Pinhole 002

Pinhole image of nude woman with cloth

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