Testing an Olympus OM1

I might have written previously that a good friend had moved and left me a box of cameras.  In the box were two Olympus OM 1’s and an Olympus OM2s.   And so I tested both OM1’s and one of them had a problem right away when you advance the film for the next shot, the shutter also fires.  So I’ve written off that camera.  However the remaining OM1, seemed to work just fine. So I put a roll of Ilford Delta 100 in it and set out to take some pics and see if makes exposures and works as it should.

Well I’m proud to say that it does in fact pass light and make exposures.  In fact it does really well.  The meter doesn’t work but that’s ok I have learned to shoot without a meter and rely on my brain for that.

So here are two shots that came from the camera.  Now I have to test the OM-2s which does have a working light meter!

Ford - Olympus OM1

Tree Trunk - Olympus OM1

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