For the past few months I’ve been acquiring cameras and playing a lot with film.  I’m rediscovering something that I’ve always loved which is simply taking pictures.  Nude or not, I just love being behind a camera and making images.  What I’ve learned in the last few years is that I’m in love with photography […]


A couple of months ago one of my favorite artists was talking about a site called Patreon.  She talked about the idea that she was going to keep making things and if you wanted you could support her on a per “thing” basis on Patreon.  Of course I went and checked it out and it […]

Pinhole nudes

On a recent shoot I brought the pinhole camera with me.  I wondered what i might get from the camera with a model as the subject.  Up until this day most of my exposures that I’ve made with the camera had been somewhere around 3-5 seconds. I figured that my model would be able to […]

Testing an Olympus OM1

I might have written previously that a good friend had moved and left me a box of cameras.  In the box were two Olympus OM 1’s and an Olympus OM2s.   And so I tested both OM1’s and one of them had a problem right away when you advance the film for the next shot, […]