Lubitel 166+

Over the weekend I went to my local film photography store… It’s nice to have one!  They also sell a lot of stuff from Lomography which I’m a big fan of.  Anyway, one of the cameras I’d had my eye on for a quite a while now is the Lubitel 166+ from Lomography.  Ever since […]


As I was taking a look at the site and looking at what the next incarnation of this site will be, I realized that there’s a shoot I did back in February that I never posted here.  And while I haven’t been the best at updating this site lately, I feel I should share it. […]

New pinhole camera

I finally purchased a large format pinhole camera.  The camera is made by Ondu and it’s the 4″x5″ version.  the negatives are quite stunning and the images are impressive when you get it right.  A few pictures now but there will be a larger post about the camera and the things I’m learning…