Konstrucktor pics

I got the chance this weekend to spend some time shooting with my new camera… and the chance to get the film developed as well.  I’m sorry to say it wasn’t a nude shoot but it was still pretty fun.  I took the Konstrucktor camera over to the Ulupo Heiau in Kailua.  It’s very close […]

New camera…

I’ve become a film junkie… what can I say!  At the beginning of this month I ordered the Konstrukctor from Lomography. The idea of a DIY camera was kinda interesting.  It was only after I realized that the camera was going to be late that I ordered the TLR from Amazon.  So in all fairness […]

ruh roh!

I was just about to write a post about the new camera I got yesterday when I realized that I hadn’t posted any pics from the latest shoot!  sorry about that….  I’ll post about the new camera tomorrow… These were from a shoot I did with a wonderful model whom I’m going to have to […]

DIY TLR Developed!

Here is the first roll of film shot with the Recesky DIY TLR.  I had a few rolls of Fuji Superia 400 color film laying around so I figured I’d use it as the first roll.  I like the results I got with this camera, but it has some problems that I’m hoping to fix. […]

Recesky DIY TLR…

Last night I got home kinda late after shopping for a new printer.  I killed mine the other day when in the middle of a print job it started printing photos with a red cast.  and that was with new ink!  Anyways… I got a new printer and began setting it up when my housemate […]

First attempt at pinhole photography

I had a chance the other day to play around with my Diana F+ in pinhole mode.  My first idea was to shoot at a stream location that I love going to.  It’s in the woods so the light  there is nice and diffused.  And I was thinking the long exposures would do cool things […]

dreamy camera…

For the past few days I’ve been looking at a 4×5 Pinhole camera made by Ilford.  The images I’ve seen from people using it are quite dreamy looking and totally make me want to buy one right now!  I’ll have to save up for it though.   Entry price is around $225 and you need […]

A couple of rolls from the Diana F+…

On July 4th I had the day off so I decided to drive north from Kailua to the north shore of Oahu.  The plan was to just go for a drive and shoot using mostly my Diana F+ and Diana Mini. Although I blew that plan once I saw a big group of hot rods […]

Shooting with Y

On Saturday I spent the morning shooting with Y.  she was amazing in her beauty and a wonderful spirit as well.  We started talking on our way to the location and immediately clicked.  I had brought with me three cameras.  My usual Canon T2i DSLR, along with the Canon AE-1, and the Diana Mini.  I […]