Member Gallery updated!

I Finally got around to updating the members gallery with a shoot I did with Natalie Minx a few months ago.  It was such a fun shoot and working with her was a real treat.  Click the link below to view the gallery. Natalie on the Beach Part 1 – Members only gallery

A new app that’s becoming a favorite!

I know I just posted about a bunch of photo apps that I’ve been playing with for months and totally love using.  Well yesterday I found one that is pretty cool too! This one is called Histamatic and bring an even cooler retro look to iPhone photography.  It imitates the look and feel of the […]

Favorite photography apps

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking some photos on my iPhone.  The resolution isn’t that good… well not as good as my Nikon D80… but what the iPhone camera has that my Nikon doesn’t is a whole slew of apps that make taking pictures with it kinda fun! My favorite photo app is […]


I’ve been asked to shoot for a Maritime  zine!  I’m so stoked!  Ok… I know it’s not like being asked to shoot for Vogue or other high end magazines but it’s a zine with some great stuff and of course a yearly calendar featuring women who work on boats! I’ll share more about it when I […]

viewing time

Over the past few days I’ve been mentally preparing myself to teach a friend of mine to take better photos.  As a result I’ve been thinking a lot about how I learned to shoot and some thoughts that go way beyond just the mechanical aspects of setting an exposure, framing a shot, and pushing the […]

looking for a new muse

I found out this week that one of my favorite collaborators and muse Sera will be moving back to the contiguous 48 states!  We had lots of fun together and she helped me learn some pretty cool things during the two years her and I have been working together.  I will certainly miss her talent […]