Shooting with a goddess and other stuff

Obviously, shooting with a beautiful goddess would be first on my mind but there’s something in me that thinks I should tackle the lastest news first and then get to the pics.  So here goes. Last week I went into the E.R. suffering from what I thought was just bad indegestion.  It turned out to […]

Miniature or real? you decide!

I found of few images on flickr which had a look as though they were of models of a city or a place and yet I could tell that the image was of a real place.  The depth of field in the image played tricks on the mind and made you see it as though […]

a cool app for your iPhone camera!

A friend of mine showed me a neat app the other day that I thought was quite cool! It’s called “Quad Camera” and is available in the iTunes app store for $1.99.  I paid for my copy and Art&Mobile, the company that makes the app is not paying me for writing about their app!  Just […]