Last night I had some time to play with my new light before going to sleep.  This is not a review of the product so much as it is my first experience with the Alien Bees B800 and the rest of the gear I got from Alien Bees as well.  if you’d like a more […]

Christmas in November

Well today is the day that UPS delivers my new light kit!  I’m so stoked!  If you’ve been reading lately you’ll know that I ordered an Alien Bee B800 and some ancillary gear like wireless triggers and some light modifiers.  I can’t wait to get home, rip open the boxes and start playing!  Of course […]

Lights… Camera… Shipping!

As many of you may have been reading lately, I have beein thinking about buying lights for a while.  So today I placed my order with Alien Bees.  I picked up their B800 light along with their wireless trigger system and various umbrellas and softboxes.  They probably wont process the order until Monday so I […]

Aglow with Light

Once again I find myself honored to be counted among such great artists!  My friend sent me a message this morning letting me know that she has included one of my images in an article she put together featuring images form several amazing artists.  I am just happy that she counts me in that list.  […]

2010 Calendars now available!

New calendars are available featuring images I’ve shot over the past two years of shooting art nudes.  Three calendars are available.  “Outdoor Nudes”, “(red)” in honor of world AIDS day, and “Art Nudes 2010”  Get yours today!

Photo shoot with Katlyn

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of shooting with the lovely and talented Katlyn.  I’ve shot with her before and it was such a joy that we wanted to do it again.  This I picked a wooded location that I haven’t shot at in a very long time.  In many ways it was like seeing […]

Tomorrow’s Shoot

I’ll be shooting tomorrow with the lovely and extremely beautiful Katlyn!  I can’t wait!  She was fantastic to work with the last time and we got some really great shots.  This time I’ll be putting her in the woods and I’m sure she’ll have a lot of fun as well as giving me absolutely beautiful […]

playing with post processing

Earlier today I spent some time playing with post processing in Aperture and found a really interesting look! THe look reminds me of a faded photo printed on kodachrome.   I have a few prints at home in a shoebox that have this look. I’m not totally sold on the look of the image on […]