Looking at getting some new gear…

Over the past two years I’ve been perfecting techniques for shooting with available and natural light.  Mainly so that I don’t have to lug around alot of equipment in order to get great shots.  The idea is that I should be able to get great shots with just my camera… as long as I point […]

Shared shoot

Yesterday I had the priveledge to share a shoot with my friend Eve of Eve Hannah Photography.  We were to shot with Serafina.  A model I have shot with several times and with whom I have enjoyed creating so many images with.  Mainly we just played around and tried a lot of different ideas as […]

More new gear!

Last night I went to my local photography store.. where apparently I was so excited I left my keys in my car!  I called roadside assistance that I get with my mobile phone, and then headed off to the store to look at flash units for my Nikon D80. Up till now I’ve been using […]