A good friend and wonderful artist, Jan Murphy, wrote me to let me know she had included one of my images in a recent article on one of My favorite blogs universdartistes.com.  Because of the economy I’ve had to take a break from shooting artistic nudes.  So to see that she has included one of […]

Print Accepted!

I just got an email that one of my print “Serendipity” has passed the quality test on DeviantArt.com. This thrills me because I know that DeviantArt.com only tells you this when someone has purchased a print! So I am bery happy to receive a message like this and I hope that whomever purchased the print […]

A wonderful offer

Yesterday I had a wonderful offer made to me by a model who is also a good friend. And so I will be coming out of my cave and shooting with her, hopefully this weekend but we’ll see how that goes….

Ok so maybe that last post was a bit harsh….

I will say that after having had some time to reflect and think about the events of last week and my life, I now am going to simply take a break for a short time. This is in order for me to take the time I need to really figure out the decisions that need […]

Many Many Thanks!

First of all I have to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in this endeavor over the past 18 months. I am truly grateful for the support and love that you have shown me. And gratitude for the love you have shown to the art that many of my friends and I […]