How I spent my weekend!

So on Saturday I ended up just shooting the sunset with a friend! It was god fun and a chance to hang out with an old friend whom I don’t to spend enough time with. Photography is as good an excuse as I can think of! I knew because of the weather patterns that we […]

Bowling with Photographers!

Last night I hung out with a good group of people. I only knew a couple of the people there but decided that I would hang out anyways. It turned out to be a very cool evening. The evening started with dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory which was allright. I had SPaghetti with a rich […]

Kodak’s new camera?

I was just looking around for cool photography related things since I haven’t shot any pictures in a little while and I found a blog on Kodak’s site which I found interesting and will certainly be following from now on. 1000 Words Blog at

Today’s Shoot

Today was unlike my usual routine of shooting nude art on the weekends.  I was asked to shoot a wedding ceremony and reception.  I was honoured to do it considering I had never shot a wedding before.  It was also a great way to see if it’s something I could do.  Not that I’ll be […]

Thanks Vernon!

When I logged onto today, I didn’t expect to see a journal from Vernon Trent let alone expecting to read something about one of my books!  Read the journal here! For those of you who may not know, Vernon Trent is an amazing photographer and artist based in Germany.  He is someone that I […]


Last week I was asked to do a “behind-the-scenes” interview about the fire shoot I did with Jessamyn back in February for It was a very cool shoot and we got some great shot!  Jessamyn was in rare form that night.  It seemed like she was really channelling something.  It was a fantastic shoot […]

Coming changes

Over the past few months, I’ve started to notice a shift.  I don’t see it as a shift in how I make image or even I how I think about making images.  Its more of a shift in how I see myself as a photographer.  This shift came about because of several events that have […]