Shooting for fun!

Yesterday was a rather boring day for me.  So I decided that after I finished up at my day job, I would go across the street and take a few photos of the sunset.  As I pulled into the parking lot I saw that there were some sailing lessons going on in the water near […]


I was thinking the other day about how many times I get asked questions realted to photography.  Whether it’s a questions about the difference between aperture and shutter speed or a quesiton about how to get better photos.  And I decided to start offering one on one workshops. If you’re on Oahu or will be […]

Nudes & Trees

Yesterday I recieved a copy of my book “Nudes & Trees”!  It was great to flip through the pages but I found a problem.  The print came out rather dark.  So I need to fix the photos and then re-upload the book to Blurb.  In the meantime I’ve taken the book off the site and […]

Newest Book!

Nudes & Trees! A collection of some of my most favorite images featuring the nude female form and… you guessed it, trees. It’s really been a strange, yet wonderful occurrence on many of my shoots. Trees seem to be so inspirational to me and to the models as well.  I am deeply fascinated by the […]

Camera Update

After a very stressful Saturday.  I had a friend look at the camera and check it out.  He opened it up, cleaned it up.  The camera is fine and is still producing images that are just as good as it did before the splash.  This was a very important lesson although there was no way […]

Shooting with Chantelle

This morning I had the honor and privilege of shooting with Chantelle.  Over the past few month’s I’ve avoided shooting at sunrise because the temperature has been a little cold.  Being that it was winter, it makes sense.  Now it seems that the morning temperatures are getting warmer so I decided that It was time […]

50mm’s of fun!

During my last shoot, I took a few shots at the beginning of the shoot with my new 50mm lens but then switched back to my standard 18mm-135mm lens for the rest of it.  I wanted to test out the lens and see how it captured nudes.  What I didn’t want was to spend an […]

Art book reccomendations…

Yesterday I recieved an email from the very talented photographer, David Winge.  He wrote to ask about  The company that is printing my latest books.  He was writing to ask about how the prints look.  and what my experience with the company was like.  I really like  they seem to be a great […]

Yesterday’s Shoot!

Yesterday’s shoot went exceptionally well!  I was worried that the weather wouldn’t hold up.  That it would rain like cats and dogs, as it did on Saturday!  But the weather held up and gave us great light to work with. I started out the shoot using my new 50mm lens that I recently bought.  I […]

New Lens!

Today I decided that I would pick up another lens for my Nikon. I love shooting with the 18-135mm lens as it gives me a nice range to shot with and it gives me nice images. But I’ve been reading a lot about Nikon’s 50mm ƒ1.8 lens and hearing good things about it, so I […]