Last night with Jessamyn

Last night’s shoot was great! Jessamyn is such an amazing model to work with and a great person as well. I feel quite blessed to have met her and to work with her. This was the second time I’ve worked with her and I hope that we can work together a lot more. Of course […]

New Book Available!

After many months of going back and forth over images and of course going through everything I shot last year… I’ve finally finished my next book! “Discovering the Feminine” available at is a 38 page book featuring my best images captured between Dec. 2007 and Dec. 2008. I hope that you will enjoy the […]

Shoot Analysis – 2/14/09

The shoot with Jillian was awesome!   We had a great time shooting together… again.  I expected that we would.  We had a great time the last we time we worked together and she’s a fun model to work with.  I think we picked the perfect location for us this time.  The contrast between her skin […]

Upcoming shoot & working out issues

Last week, Jillian emailed me to let me know that she is going to be in town.  I’m, so stoked because she was wonderful to shoot with, beautiful to photograph, and a fantastic human being to hang out with.  So as you can imagine, I can’t wait to shoot with her again. One thing that […]

Shooting with a Goddess

So much has been going on this week that it’s taken me till now to write about the shoot I did last Sunday with Ashleigh.  It was a fantastic shoot… and we had a great time playing with the location I selected.  The location was a hiking trail that I had never shot with before, […]

Working on a new book

Recently I’ve been thinking about puttin gotgether a new book.  I’ve been thinking of making it a retrospective of the first year that I’ve been shooting nudes.  I think it might be interesting to see how the art has progressed over the last year.  I’m still unsure of the title of the book as of […]

A cool quote I found…

“If photography is truly an art, then what it expresses is human emotion. Not what the world looks like. … It’s not about what’s in front of you, it’s about what’s inside of you. … Expression, that’s what its all about. Artistic expression, not objective duplication. “ Brooks Jensen (1954- ) I just thought it […]


This morning, I logged onto to check messages from fans, and to connect with a few artist friends… and I ended up on the Universe D’ Artsites site… and I found a link to a republishing of an article written about the work I’ve been doing…. So I am speechless….floored even…. read the article!  […]