What I did this weekend…

This weekend I was invited to shoot with a friend of mine as a second shooter.  This gave me the opportunity to play with some new ideas without the pressure of really nailing my shots.  Of course you always want to strive to get the best shots you can but at the same time, it’s […]

Behind the scenes…

Ever since I started shooting nudes and writing about it, I’ve wanted to get a shot of me working with a model. One of those behind the scenes shots where you can a glimpse of what a nude shoot really looks like. Instead of just getting my perspective of the shoot. I’ve though about bringing […]

Sunday’s Shoot with Ashleigh

On Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting again with Ashleigh.  I met Ashleigh last summer and we had a great time working together then.  And of course we had a great time on Sunday as well.  Since I had already shot with her with lava rocks and in the woods, I decided that […]

Yesterday’s Shoot

Yesterday’s shoot with Kristi was fantastic.  I chose a location I had shot at a few times before.  It’s a location that I love because of it’s starkness and it’s beauty.  I was worried about the weather considering that last weekend we experienced a torrential downpour that resulted in several flash floods.  I’ve been watching […]

Nudes at night???

One thing I hate is canceling a shoot! One of the models I’m shooting with this weekend has asked if we can reschedule our shoot from a sunset shoot to a night shoot. So I started looking into the idea of doing nudes at night. At first I was bummed, then I started thinking about […]

Playing with Photoshop

My personal philosophy is that, as a photographer, I should be able to make good images in camera.  That is to say that I should strive to not need editing in photoshop or rely on it to fix bad exposures or shots.  That’s just my personal feeling so don’t shoot me if you disagree.  I […]

Point & Shoot images

I know that these images aren’t my usual fare. But being a photographer who takes a camera with him everywhere, I find that at times that I see things that just need to be photographed. Sometimes it’s an interesting sign, or a neat tree, and sometimes I see something beautiful and just need to immortalize […]

Bad weekend for shooting

Well, this weekend was bad for shooting. That might be an understatement. It’s been raining for about 4 days now. The sun was out for a little while today but at the time I am writing this, I can hear the rain still falling. I was really looking forward to shooting on Saturday because it […]

Next Steps

A question that someone asked me recently that’s really got me thinking is…”What’s the next step?” A simple enough question yet not so easy to answer. There’s a part of me that just says to keep on doing what I’m doing and another part of me that knows that I need to take my photography […]

One year ago today…

It was exactly one year ago today that I shot my first nude images with Sylvia on Maui. A shoot that went extremely well and also showed that I could do this. That the dream really wasn’t as crazy as it seemed. That shoot showed me what I really wanted to spend the rest of […]