New Shoot – 8/30/08

Today’s shoot went very well. Elizabeth, who was visiting from Virginia, was wonderful and It was a real treat to work with her. We went to a beach that I had scouted a few weeks ago. It’s one of those beaches where there isn’t another soul around. So we had the whole beach all to […]


As I am gearing up for a shoot this weekend, I’m looking through all my old images and trying to figure out what I need to work on and where I can improve. As I got to the shoot I did with Ashleigh at the begining of August, I came across this image and it […]

Gearing up for the next shoot

So i’m now in the process of gearing up for another shoot this weekend.  The model i’m working with is going to be great.  She’s flying in from Washington D.C. area so I’m a bit nervous to be working with one those models who flys all over the world to work.  Her work is amazing […]

An interesting image

Im guessing this images is from the Beijing Olympics. A friend set me this link with a line that read…”this is why commercial photography is not for me.” I just think it’s an interesting image. Link: (opens a new window)

Olympic Photographers using Aperture…

So as it turns out Apple setup a whole bunch of workstation over in Beijing and oaded them with Aperture, Apples latest Photo Editing software. When I read this story at Macworld I know I made the right choice for photo editing software… Read the story at

putting the call out!

Previously I wrote on the site about and how I’m looking to start shooting for their site.  At the moment I’m looking for a model that’s interested in working in an ongoing manner specifically for  The style of shooting is more towards glamour than the style I normally work in. The idea would […]

Big Thanks!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped to make this dream a reality.  Thanks to the models for taking a chance and giving me a shot.  Thanks to everyone writing on and saying the nice things you all have said about the work.  And thanks goes to all the photographers who […]

News and other updates

I’m currently working on another shoot that will hopefully be this weekend.  My next shoot I have scheduled won’t be until next weekend.  It’s with a model who’s just amazing and I can’t wait to work with her.  Other than that things are pretty quiet around here.  I’m looking at a pretty busy September so […]


I’ve been thinking about the whole zivity thing and it might be interesting way for me to branch out a little and try some other styles of nude/semi-nude photography. It might be fun to try and shoot in a pin-up style or even to do nude portraits or even a lingerie shoot. Photographing for zivity […]

Put a little zivity in your life

Well I got the invite to be on Zivity! Yay! I’m so stoked. For those of you who may not know, Zivity is turning social networking on it’s ear right now! Zivity is a social networking site which showcases beautiful images of beautiful women. Their goal is to promote female beauty (nude or non-nude), empower […]