3 Pieces of technology I cant live without

This morning I was packing my bag to go to work and I had to bring my camera with me. And I as I headed out the door with my backpack that I carry with me everywhere I go, I had grabbed my camera bag, and just before I closed the door I remembered that […]

An interesting find

In between shoots, I usually look back through old shoots to see what I missed or looking for lessons to learn from my mistakes. Today I went looking through a shoot I did with the model who I now refer to as “Goddess”. She has asked that I keep her name anonymous. When I first […]

Defining the work – revisited

As I’ve been going through some of my past shoots, I’ve been seeing how much I’ve learned in the past eight months. But what I find interesting is how my ideas about the work have changed. When I first started I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or how to really do it. By […]

Ella in Black & White

Well most of you know that I’ve switched from editing photos in Photoshop to editing in Aperture 2.0. And I’m very happy with the results that I get from Aperture. In this process I’ve become quite enthralled with black and white photos. While I love the colors that I’m getting there’s something to be said […]

Location Scouting

As I wrote earlier I’ve been reading a book about exposure settings. So yesterday I went out to take some photos and play with exposure settings. I also decided to combine this trip with a location scouting trip. I figured I could do both at the same time. And what I got were some nice […]

Nude Quotes

So I was searching the web looking for inspiration and I came across a few quotes on nudity that I figured I’d share…The next few I thought were funny. “On the fourth day of telecommuting, I realized that clothes are totally unnecessary.” – Dilbert “I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all […]

Understanding Exposure

About a week ago I picked a book titled “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson. Because I shoot outdoors I’m always presented with challenging lighting situations. I bring a reflector to every shoot and I’ve started to use a flash mounted on top of my camera. w I still find my self wanting to shoot primarily with natural light and use the flash or reflector for effect or when I absolutely need it.


So in the past week I’ve gotten totally hooked on twitter. I’m digging the ability to keep up with people through short snippets of time. What I find interesting is that you can actually get a picture of what someone’s day is like through their tweets. Fascinating stuff. If you’d like to keep up with […]

Flower close up

When Julia picked this flower, I thought it was just too small to do anything with. But right when I thought this, I remembered the shot of Sylvia with the seashells on her chest. I also thought of a friend of mine who had suggested that I do more shots that use things found in […]

Updates and a cool photo!

So if your wondering, Yes I did change the theme on the site. It was really starting to annoy me that when I create a post, it never looks the way it did on the site as when I was creating it. I would spend an hour creating a beautifully laid out post with images […]