Crashed my mac!

I’m frustrated at the moment because the hard drive in my Macbook stop working. I took it in to the apple store so right now it’s just waiting for a hard drive. It’s been ordered but it could be a few days before I get my computer back. I’m writing this from my work computer. […]

Yesterday’s shoot!

Yesterday I did a shoot with the amazingly beautiful Rose. I’ve known her for a few years although we don’t get to hang out as much as I’d like. I was quite nervous going into this shoot because she’s one of my friends. Most other models I’ve worked with I’ve become friends with because of […]

A story about artists in NYC

I heard a story on NPR today about artists living in New York City. The story examines how they are able to live on a small budget. One of the artists interviewed talked about the joy of life and how as an artist she doesn’t get depressed because all she has to do is look […]

A cool shot

As I started to go through the shots form the other day, I came across the photo below. Sometimes the shoot goes by so fast that you just can’t remember every shot that you took. So the photo below was one of those shots that I had forgotten about taking and it made my heart […]

rough times

Well, Just like everyone else in the country, times are getting a little rough. Gas and food prices going up. And after the floods in Iowa, ethanol is sure to go up which will drive gas prices even higher. What does this mean for me? It means that I may have to start cutting back […]

Location, Location, Location!

Well, the old adage that location is everything is so true when it comes to artistic nudes. My motto is if it doesn’t inspire me…I don’t shoot there. Plain and simple. I’ve found some amazing places and I’ve also found some not so great places. I don’t mean to diminish the beauty found at the […]

Today’s Shoot 6/14/08

This morning I woke up at somewhere around 4:30am to get ready for a sunrise shoot with an amazing model. The light was just gorgeous. The sun was just coming up and really added to the beauty of the shots. We started off by playing with some tide pools and moved on to the sand. […]

Upcoming Shoot

I have a shoot scheduled for the weekend which I know will be quite beautiful and lots of fun as well. We’re planning on shooting at sunrise at a location that is probably one of the most dramatic places to view a sunrise. The way the sunlight streaks across the black rocks and ocean is […]

New Illustration

I just finished an illustration based on a photo I took last month. I’m pretty stoked about the possibilities with pencils and I’m really having fun playing with it and seeing where it might go. Hope you enjoy. click the image to view larger version. If you’d like to purchase this illustration, visit my original […]

Thanks! and updates

I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting the site and also for all the emails telling me that you’re enjoying the work. I really appreciate it. It feels good knowing that people are out there and enjoying it. So thank you very much. Now for the updates! Over the weekend I scouted some new […]