Thinking about past shoots…

The past few days I’ve been thinking about the shoot I had last week with “The Model” (you might remember that I made a promise not to use her name). Actually I’ve been thinking about all my shoots and it dawned on me that when I’m on a shoot I feel alive. I feel like […]

Lessons Learned from shoot on 5/18

Well it’s that time again. Time to analyze and dissect the latest shoot in order to understand what worked and what didn’t work in an attempt to learn and become a better photographer. First of all let me just say that I have made a promise to the model not to use her real name […]

I’ve got a wacky idea…

I’m always giddy whenever I hear a model utter these words. The reason is because it means that we are about to do something really wacky or zany. I’m always up for it. what ever it is. On previous shoots I found that the ideas presented after this statement become my favorites shots. On my […]

Photo Shoot Yesterday!

I had a nice afternoon yesterday shooting up in the mountains with a wonderful woman and an amazing model.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt good from the instant we talked that the shoot would be a lot of fun. The shoot started off in a bamboo forest.  I was unsure […]

Back in the saddle…

Well after a hellacious month of busy schedules and no sleep, I’ve set up another photo shoot. I haven’t shot in at least a month maybe more. Its amazing how much I’ve missed it. The model is someone I haven’t worked with before so I’m hoping to learn some new lessons and maybe make a […]

More Green Thinking

I’m currently working on a book of nudes and I’m thinking about offering the first edition as a download only PDF file. I thought about this after thinking about the whole living green concept that so many peopl are talking about right now. By offering the first edition printing of the book as a PDF […]

Upcoming Book!

I’m currently at work on my first official book of nudes. I’m sifting through the hundreds of photos I’ve shot in the past 6 months and choosing the best ones for my upcoming book. It’s been interesting to go through some of my first shots and to see where I’ve come from and where I […]

Just Playing Around!

I was just playing around with a few images from my last shoot. Grayscale, sepia, sharpening. I have been quite busy lately so I haven’t shot much lately. I’ve got a shoot scheduled towards the end of May with a model coming from out of town which should be lots of fun. So until then… […]

“Photographing Green”

In the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about living green.  So, Naturally, I’ve been thinking about how I can apply this to photography and location shooting.  When I got into the nuts and bolts of it I realized that I’m already a fairly green photographer.  And by “green” I don’t […]

Packing List

A good friend of mine asked me an interesting questions the other day. She asked, “What do you bring with you on your shoots?” She found the answer interesting so I decided to share it with you here. The first and most important thing I bring is, obviously my camera. But beyond the items that […]