Things I’d like to do

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about what I can do with the medium of artistic nudes.  One Idea that cought my attention was to do a whole series with breast cancer survivors.  I think that all women are beautiful and these women are especially beautiful because they faced death and lived to […]

New Ideas…

A good friend of mine gave me an interesting idea the other day. The idea is to use the nude body as a landscape and incorporating small pieces of nature in the nude landscape as opposing to placing the nude in a natural landscape. The idea is an interesting one because it takes what I’ve […]

Today’s Shoot – Apr 5 2008

Well Today’s shoot went fairly well. It was with Sara. A model that I ‘ve worked with before and have a lot of fun working with. The shoot got off to a rocky start because I was unsure of where to shoot and once we found a place to shoot I didn’t like it that […]

Tomorrow’s Shoot

I have a shoot schedued for tomorrow.  It should be a lot of fun because it’s a model I’ve worked with before.  The only nude shoots we’ve done before we’re done on the beach so it’ll be fun because we’ll be shooting in the woods. I’ve been on this woods kick for a while.  I […]