Updates and Self publishing…

I’m looking into the idea of publishing a book of the work I’ve done in the past few months.  Right now I’m just doing research and looking into which company to go with because ther are so many of them.  The one that’s on top of my list right now is Lulu.com.  They seem to […]

Going through my last shoot…

Life has been pretty crazy the past week or so so I had to put off on going through the photos I took of Karin. When I finally did I found that it looked as though I over-exposed a lot of the shots. Good news is, because I shot in RAW mode I’ll be able […]


Since my last shoot I’ve been thinking about ideas. Specifically coming up with a few new ones. Normally my ideas are inspired by the model or the location in the moment. Something magical happens. The model does something or looks at me a certain way and I see the spark. Or the location has something […]

Color or black and whites…

I found a great quote the other day. “color photographs are about color, black and white is about everything else.” I’m not sure who it’s attributed to. I’ve been playing around with black and white and I’m just not sure which I like better. For example… In the case of the photos above I really […]

Defining the work

The whole point of this site is to show what goes on behind the scenes.  How does someone get into doing nude photography.  How do you find models?  how does it all come together?  All the thoughts, ideas, and the machinations that go on in ones brain.  That’s why I started this site. Of course […]

Lessons Learned…01/17/08

So, it’s been a couple of days and I’ve had a chance to really take a look at the photos from the shoot with Karin. I felt good about this shoot even as we were walking back to the car. I now feel like I am ready to take this to another level. That level […]

Shoot Later Today

The shoot today is one I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I can’t wait.  You guys know, I live for this.  During a shoot is when all the ideas are put to the test.  The anxiety of whether things will work or not is fresh in your mind.  Everything hinges on this one […]


Well, Sylvia sent me a really nice email saying sh’es back from her trip and she’s loking to do another shoot with me soon. I’m so stoked to work with her again. You’ll remember that she was the model on my first shoot and she was the one who started me on this journey. I […]

Artistic Nude Vs. Glamour Nude

I’ve been looking back at my images and wondering if I’ve somehow strayed into the genre of glamour nudes. Not that it really matters but I know that the images I wish to capture are more along the lines of artistic nudes. I just find the artistic images more interesting but I enjoy shooting both […]

An interesting shot

As I was going through the photos from my last shoot, I came across this one. I had seen a whole series of photos in which there were three models. two were male and dressed in underwear and the third model was a nude woman. in every photo the woman was out of focus and […]