Found another great place…

I’m working on scheduling a shoot on either January 5th or 6th. No responses as yet so again I went in search of more locations. Today I went to a couple of places that I thought would be cool but as it turns out I only found one spot that might be interesting. I’m kinda […]

Scouting again…

Today I went out in search of another cool place to shoot nudes. When I go out, I’m looking for places that speak to me. some times I’ll be driving and I’ll see a place and think “Wow that would be cool! Except that it’s right next to the road.” So I have to push […]

Found photos

I was going through my hard drive trying to clean it out today and I found a picture I took a while ago.  So I thought I’d share it here.   I wanted to take really cool sunset picture so I found what I thought would be a good place.  I sat for a while […]


A few days ago I singed up on  The site is full of so much great art that I was worried about my photography holding up against such great artists.  What I have found is a wonderful community of terrific artists.  Artists who are supportive and are truly interested in the art and making […]

Location Scouting…

Now that christmas is over and the food is in the fridge for leftovers, It’s back to scouting locations for future shoots. This is one part of this project that I love doing because I’m outdoors, in the sunshine(most of the time), exploring this island paradise that I call home. I’m getting to see parts […]

Happy Holidays and taking stock

Just writing to say Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope that your holiday season is filled with warm wishes and wonderful moments waiting to become fond memories. Typically, this is the time of year when we look back on the year, our lives, and think of what’s happened and what we’re grateful for. If […]

Lessons from shooting with Ella

The location we used was perfect for a sunrise shoot. The rising sunlight was gorgeous and looked great against Ella’s skin. However it was at high tide so parts of the location were difficult to get to if not impossible. There were a few shots I wanted to get that I couldn’t because the water […]


A few days ago I was talking to a friend of mine about being a musician. I told him that the best decision I ever made was to switch from guitar to bass. We’ll now I’m not so sure about that one… But I am sure that the best decision I’ve made was to try […]

Serendipity does it’s thing…

Serendipity is a wonderful thing that sometimes happens on a shoot. Today serendipity happened in a very good way. I never want to be known for relying on serendipity but sometimes you just gotta go with it and see what develops. I almost didn’t do this shoot because my schedule is pretty crazy right now. […]

Today’s Shoot

On today’s shoot we had a great time. The models Name is Sara and she is just as beautiful in person as she is in the shots I got today. I took her to one of my favorite beaches here on Oahu. It’s my favorite because the water is calm and safe enough for a […]